Industrial Safety Training - Educate Your Workers

Industrial Safety Training - Educate Your WorkersIndustrial Safety Training - Educate Your Workers


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Make safety a priority and transform your industrial setting
The Industrial workplace is extremely active.  Heavy machinery runs nonstop.  You can hear it and see it.  People are constantly moving from one location to another.  Workers moving equipment and operating vehicles all over the work floor.  With all this going on constantly, anything can go horribly wrong.  An incident can affect every aspect of your business: from your employees to productivity to continuity to profitability. 
However, by investing in safety training, you will protect your assets: your workers, business, products, and bottom line. 

Education and Training
Training improves worker’s awareness to avoid hazards and hones skills that they would need to conduct their work in a safe manner.  It will help Prevent any fines lodged from violating any safety regulations.  It will allow the work force to work efficiently and minimize any delays in production.

Work safety is no laughing matter
According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2,811,500 nonfatal injuries and illnesses to employees working in private industry, which is the last year for which statistics are available. 

There were also 5,147 deaths.

Although, these statistic reflect incidents in different types of companies, significant numbers were in the industrial setting.  According to the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA), the majority of deaths resulted from unsafe use of heavy machinery, getting caught in the Machines, getting struck by heavy equipment, ignoring or failing to attend to hazards, and falling from heights. 
Safety training will give the workers the ability to prevent incidents by the following:  

  • Safe and proper handling of hazardous equipment and material.
  • Awareness and effective communication regarding potential hazards.
  • Elimination of risks caused by faulty equipment, hazardous material, and improper operation. 

Everyone should be on the same page when it comes to safety.  Nobody should take it lightly and must have a proper understanding of his or her role when having to deal with hazardous situations.  The main goal of the training is to keep everyone safe. 

There are too many workers and Supervisors who take safety very lightly.  Some may argue that they don’t need to follow safety rules strictly because they have the confidence and have learned to cut corners.  Some will say they are behind in their work so they need to bend the rules to meet the quotas. Too many staff in industrial settings tend to believe that productivity brings in the money and following safety rules does not.  This mentality in the workplace is extremely dangerous.

However, unsafe workplace will affect the workers and business
Accidents causes delays in production and cost the company money.   Investing in Safety training will help the business produce goods without dealing with unnecessary fines, expenses, or running the lines improperly staffed.  

According to the national safety council, workplace injuries cost companies across the country 50.7 billion in wage and productivity losses in 2017. 

It is important that Workers must be able to instill safety rules into the work culture.  But of course, there must be a balance between productivity and employee safety.    A safety rule cannot be so restrictive that it prevents staff from working efficiently and effectively.  At the same time it cannot be so lenient that it causes an employee to be out of commission from a work related injury. 

Safety training will help bring balance 
Implementing safety training will create a safe yet effective workplace without negatively affecting productivity.  And it will keep your workers safe.  It allows the management to come up with a strategy to convey safety rules to the rest of the staff.  It gives workers the understanding that the safety rules will benefit there work flow without conflicting with their daily tasks.  And it can bridge the gap that so often exists between the strategy and the practice in the workplace.  

Safety training is smart business
Not only does the safety training allow workers to come home in one peace, it will also save the company significant amount of money.  Safety training prevents potential OSHA fines, lost wages, lawsuits, and medical costs caused by work place injuries, illness, and deaths.   
The OSHA takes safety very seriously to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for employees across the country. 

So far in 2019, OSHA has Levied Individual fines of more than 500,000, 265,000, 182,000 and 116,000 and that was just in the first quarter of the year.  It’s not just OSHA fines you need to worry about.  You cannot factor out individual expenses such as workers compensation, increased health insurance payments, lawsuits, and lost productivity.

Not only will Safety training help prevent injuries and illnesses, it will save you money. 
This is Very smart business. 

Make the investment
Industrial safety is priority one.  If you are ready to transform your business, make the investment in safety training-and to reap all of the benefits-connect with AVO Training today.
You will have access to more than 60 hands-on electrical safety and electrical maintenance training courses designed to protect your employees and your business.