Webinar: "Substation: From the Outside Looking In"

Webinar: "Substation: From the Outside Looking In"Webinar: Substations, From the Outside Looking In


This substation webinar will involve looking at different components of a substation along with their functions within the yard.  The dialogue will involve power once it’s delivered from the generation station to transmission, sub-transmission, industrial, and distribution stations.


  • Brief review from last Substation webinar 
  • Typical Substation layout
  • Conductors and insulators (interior and exterior)
  • Various switches (interior, exterior, motor, manual, and interrupters)
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Lightning Protection
  • Capacitor banks
  • Re-closures 
  • Transitions (overhead to underground)
  • Significance of batteries
  • Relay procedures
  • Importance of one line diagrams
  • Down and dirty with testing these components
  • Safety
To view the presentation slides for this webinar please click HERE.