AVO's New State-of-the-Art Cable Field

AVO's New State-of-the-Art Cable Field


Cable U, AVO's new state-of-the-art cable field is located in Dallas, TX at AVO Training Institute's Corporate Headquarters and is the largest cable field of its kind in the nation.

The field was designed to accommodate our updated Medium-Voltage Cable Fault Location & Tracing and New Cable Testing & Diagnostics courses and allows cable technicians the most technologically advanced "real world" place for every electrical cable testing and diagnostic application.

With the number of critical issues facing the utility and industrial cable industry, it's imperative that training as well as test equipment technology be applied to existing and future cable installations to ensure “future proofing” for improved cable reliability. AVO Training Institute continues to meet industry needs by providing a comprehensive vehicle to “future proof” cable systems for increased reliability and reduced costs.

AVO Cable U provides training in the three critical areas of the “future proofing” process for new and service aged power cables:

1) Cable Splicing & Terminating, Medium Voltage - A comprehensive, hands-on course providing technicians with the skills and knowledge along with practical experience to successfully complete tape, cold shrink, heat shrink and molded technologies of splicing and terminating medium voltage solid dielectric cables. The i’s are dotted and the t’s and crossed to ensure the technicians understand the methods and well as common mistakes that lead to failure in splices and terminations.

2) Cable Fault Locating & Tracing - With the completion of the AVO Cable University cable training complex, AVO now has one of the largest and most comprehensive cable training fields in the industry. Cable tracing, fault locating, testing, safety grounding, and switching are key concepts developed into the field. Conduit and well as direct bury cables with an array of fault types are present. Medium voltage cables of various types as well as secondary cables are utilized. This cable complex provides the training environment to allow technicians to use an array of cable test equipment and employ all current industry fault locating and tracing methods with confidence.

3) Cable Testing & Diagnostics - Critical to the industry is the need for technicians to be trained in a “real world” environment using the high-tech test equipment now available to perform diagnostic testing of medium voltage cables. The AVO Training Institute via AVO Cable University offers current technologies for testing along with a cable field designed to “stretch” the capabilities and imagination of cable technicians. Cable Diagnosis is critical and AVO offers a comprehensive program ensuring technicians not only know how to perform the tests but also how to interpret the results.